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Todoku - new fibreglass pole saw by Silky

Todoku - new fibreglass pole saw by Silky

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, September 21, 2009

Further to a previous blog about Jameson fibreglass pole saws, Silky are preparing to launch their version. The Silky Todoku will extend to 5.75 meters and comes in three sections (one base pole and two extensions) along with a heavy-duty rip stop Cordura carry bag. The Todoku has a unique high strength oval-shaped fibreglass pole, developed in association with Asahi Glass Co of Japan, one of the world leaders in fibreglass pole technology. The oval shape ensures precise control over the direction of the blade and reduces the bending often encountered on longer pole saws.

The Todoku is equipped with the Hayuachi curved blade with fast-cut 4-Retsume teeth - ideal for high volume tree pruning and line clearance work. BUT a word of warning: like the Jameson the Todoku is not to be used as a hot-stick. While it is made of fibreglass it is not insulated and the hollow construction will allow moisture to collect - do not use when wet! 

That said, this is a fantastic new saw from Silky - ideal for professional tree pruning. We have found no other saw to match a Silky for cutting performance, durability and value for money.

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