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Toby Kenneally back with a bang!

Toby Kenneally back with a bang!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, September 03, 2011

After a four year break from competitive tree climbing, Christchurch arborist Toby Kenneally made up for his absence by winning the mens division of the 2011 South Island Regional TCC in Christchurch today. Dunedin climber Elena O'Neill won the womens division.

On points alone, out-of-region Auckland climbers David Stejskal, Jawand Nga Chun and Tumai Laybourn came in first, second and third  (146.86, 144.68 and 129.45 points respectively).

Five men climbers and two women will represent the South Island in the Husqvarna NZ Arbor National TCC scheduledfor Masterton in October.

2011 South Island Regional qualifiers are as follows:

Toby Kenneally: 127.66 points
Dominic Ritter: 100.18 points
Chris Latimer: 92.50 points
Toby Chapman: 92.35 points
Leith Thompson: 86.76 points

Elena O'Neill: 71.43 points
Nina Black: 21.00 points

Please remember, these are unofficial results. You will need to check the NZ Arbor website for the individualevent results and final placings.

Toby Kenneally preparing for the footlock event at the 2011 South Island Regional TCC in Christchurch this morning.

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