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Throwline confusion

Throwline confusion

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, October 29, 2009

Samson Zing-It is probably the most widely used throwline in New Zealand. But it is only available in one colour - YELLOW. Under normal circumstances that might not be a problem but when you have multiple throw lines in a tree (as you do in a Tree Climbing Competition) it can be very frustrating. Murphies Law says: the line you pull from the tree is the very one you have correctly placed.

New England (the US manufacturers of Tachyon) have Dynaglide Throwline available in two alternative colours: ORANGE and GREEN. Dynaglide is slightly heavier than Zing-It (diameter 1.8 mm versus 1.75 mm) and it has an 'oval' cross-section, rather than round, so it may behave differently. However, according to climbers who have tried Dynaglide it can be thrown roughly the same distance (comparison made using both lines with 10oz Harrison Rocket), its slippery when crossing multiple small branches and is less prone to tangles - possibly due to its heavier weight.

All that aside, it's the colour differencethat might mean less confusion at the upcoming Nationals in Blenheim. Treetools should have New England Dynglide available in GREEN and ORANGE before theNationals at Pollard Park on 21 November (Gear check Friday 20 November, 4:00 pm).

Drew Bristow, winner of the 2009 Wellington Regional TCC

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