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Three essential digital downloads for aerial arborists

Three essential digital downloads for aerial arborists

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, February 08, 2013

The internet in an unlimited resource for tree climbers.

But there is so much information out there on the web you could literally spend weeks (or months, or even years) trolling through this wealth of data without finding the essential downloads you need - so Treetools has made things easy for you.

1) The Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy

8MB , 28-pages

The Hitch Climber system is New Zealand's most widely used tree climbing configuration.

The Hitch Climbers' Guide to the Canopy provides all the information you need to set up the Hitch Climber System.

The authors are quick to remind us the Hitch Climbers' Guide is not a training manual but this 'essential' download represents the best collection of DbRT data you'll find anywhere.

The Treemagineers original plan for the Hitch Climber was a fully certified system with specified components including the climbing line, friction cord and hitch, carabiners and Hitch Climber pulley.

The reality is quite different. Tree climbers have taken the original Hitch Climber System concept and mutated it into a variation of configurations they call their own.

Regardless this outcome the Hitch Climber's Guide to the Canopy still remains the 'bible' in terms of reference.

2) Mark Adams Slick Tricks Part 1 and 2

900KB , 9 pages

'Slick' refers to throwline in this instance.

At one point or another any climber worth his salt is going to have to use a throwline and Mark Adams ISA Climber's Corner magazine articles have set the benchmark for instruction in the art.

There are two parts to Slick Tricks, spread over nine pages, which include loads of useful diagrams by Jeff Jepson.

Don't be put off by the apparent lack of volume in this document - Slick Tricks is an essential classic for all tree climbers!

3) The evaluation of current rigging and dismantling practices used in arboriculture

12.4MB , 370 pages

This 2008 HSE document is essential reading.

Rigging scenarios can be far more complicated than tree climbing itself but all to often rigging and dismantling projects are attempted by complete novices.

In many instances sheer luck is the only thing that gets them through!

At 370-pages, this tome will require some quiet time to digest. And you will keep coming back to this document time and time again as a point of reference.

'Rigging and Dismantling Practices' covers everything you would expect - plus some: managing the rigging operation, tree inspection, safe rigging strategy and systems, rigging hardware, cordage and textiles, the bearing capacity of trees, estimating the weights of dropped sections, and the forces you are likely to generate in the process.

Download these three documents now and you'll cover all the important bases - it's a great start to every tree climbers digital library.

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