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Thompson Unicenders arriving soon!

Thompson Unicenders arriving soon!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, January 16, 2010

Start saving your pennies now - Treetools have a shipment of Unicenders from Thompson Treetools on the water - they should be available for sale to NZ tree climbers by mid February. The Unicender lists in the US for around US$450 so it will require more than just a few pennies! (NZ prices to be confirmed).

The Unicender is a unique device - it replaces friction hitches, classic 8s, ascenders and descenders. The Unicender is easily installed mid-line for usein both SRT or DbRT on ropes up to 12mm.

While trialling a unit supplied by Treetools, Johno Smith has pioneered the use of the Unicender in New Zealand. Johno more-or-less uses the his Unicendereveryday while operating as a contracting arborist in Auckland. This type of intense use offers the best opportunity to truly evaluate the Unicenders potential.Morgan Thompson, the Unicender designer has certainly appreciated Johno's valuable feedback.

Russell VanWijingaarden, a climbing arborist with the Cornwall Park Trust Board in Auckland was climbing with Johno last week and used the opportunityto trial the Unicender for himself. It only took one climb and Russell is starting to save his pennies!

Johno will probably be at the Open Masters this Sunday in Cornwall Park - if he is in attendance you should take the opportunity to talk to him aboutthe Unicender or even have a climb on it (if Johno will let it go for a minute or two).

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