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The world's first triple-action snaphook from ISC

The world's first triple-action snaphook from ISC

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, December 12, 2009

Love them or hate them - snap hooks get lots of use in the arb industry! But… as we all know not all snap hooks are created equal. When used on lanyards for tree work some double-action snaphooks were opening unexpectedly. Safety concerns reached a point where ETCC officials restricted the use of all snaphooks in the European comps.

Investigations by the ITCC Rules Committee found that not all snaphooks were unsafe but those whichcombine a carabiner style frame with a rope snap style gate and locking mechanism were a safety concern and issued a Safety Warning Announcement for the2009 Competitions.

As you can imagine, snap hook manufacturers were none to happy!

In response to the ITCC safety annoucement ISC in Wales developed the world's first triple-action snaphok specifically for tree work. As you would expectthe SH903 requires three independent actions to open the gate. Simplicity and ease of use are important criteria for tree climbers and according to ISCthe SH903 fits the bill.

Production is underway with the first units due for delivery late January 2010. Treetools will have the new ISC SH903 triple-action snaphook in stockas soon as they are available for international distribution.

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