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The women's official footlock record: 14.44 seconds

The women's official footlock record: 14.44 seconds

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nicky Ward-Allen broke her own previously held world record with a 14.44 second secured footlock climb in Auckland this morning. Nicky broke the record climbing on Teufelberger's new 10 mm lightweight footlock line, Globe 5000 supplied by Treetools.

The 'Official' world record footlock attemptwas part of the the Asia-Pacific Regional Tree Climbing Competition held today in Western Park, Freeman's Bay, Auckland. ISA ITCC official adjudicator,Tom Greenwood from Melbourne set-up the footlock line to the correct measurements (12 meters for the women's footlock) and confirmed the time-keepers results.

Check out Nicky's superb footlock style and record-breaking climb below. Well done Nicky - we're all proud of you!

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