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The throwbag has evolved!

The throwbag has evolved!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, November 28, 2009

Innovations are coming thick and fast in the arb industry - the humble throwbag is the latest to fall victim to changes! (Better not tell Andy Harrison).

Check out the Treepedo - a re-design of the traditional throwbag. Thomas Amorim, the Treepedo inventor says many man hours are lost each year by climbers unsuccessfully trying to set ropes. Snagged bags, broken lines equal to lost of time and money, not to mention the sheer frustration which add up to over $3000 per year per crew according to Thomas.

The Treepedo is designed to be more efficient and productive and increases the life of throwlines . Its length aids in leveraging the line into position and reduces the risk of limb wraps - making it safer by preventing the failure of hazardous trees prior to line positioning.

Treetools has no idea of the cost to land this product but it looks to more expensive than a throwbag. Presumably it would last a lot longer so there may be some economies there. Most climbers have various weight throwbags for different situations - the Treepedo only appears to come in one weight - 12 ounces.

Scott Forrest was given one the these babies at the ITCC but we note he used a traditional throwbag in the comps last weekend. Perhaps he uses the Treepedo for everyday work?

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