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The Treemagineers 6mm lanyard adjusting prussic loop

The Treemagineers 6mm lanyard adjusting prussic loop

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yesterday we featured Menno Kluiter's 6mm Globe 5000 lanyard adjusting prussic loop. Take a closer look and you will notice a short length on clear plastic hose to keep the eye open and equalize loading on the prussic.

Overnight, Treemagineer Chris Cowell pointed out the 6mm prussic on the new CE lanyard - seems great minds think alike!

The Treemagineers CE Lanyard uses another 6mm line from the Teufelberger stable. Ocean Vectran has a Aramid/Polyester sheath over a pure Vectran core. The new DMM stainless steel equalizing thimble serves the same purpose as Menno's clear plastic hose - it's just a more elegant solution (sorry Menno).

Chris says (of the OV prussic loop): "The stitch is suitably short so that it can be configured on the bridge of the six coil Prusik, leaving a clean bight of rope for the thimble. The smooth surfaces of the stainless steel thimble channels ensure that both legs of the Prusik are loaded equally. The thimbles are really rather impressive....."

We have not laid our hands on the new CE Lanyard yet but they do look very tidy! Download the CE Lanyard flyer (some of the data on the brochure has been 'lost in translation', particularly the breakout descriptions on the lanyard picture i.e. carabiner names are incorrect).

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