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The Slammer - no, not prison but a new tree tool!

The Slammer - no, not prison but a new tree tool!

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you have ever tried breaking the bead on a truck tyre you will know how useful a slide hammer can be. The large root system on bamboo and other big grasses is very similar to a truck tyre - bloody hard work to break (or cut). Traditional tools like spades, axes and mattocks end up bouncing all over the place and your force is spent.

Back in 1994 TJ Irwin was working at Bamboo Gardens Nursery in Seatle, Washington removing and transpantingbamboo and trees when he had a eureka moment - THERE MUST BE A EASIER WAY! Apparently there was, and The Slammer was born.

The Slammer is a cross between a slide hammer, an axe and a sharp spade. The Slammer uses the downward force of an inner bar to slam the cutting bladethrough dense soils and root systems. It's made locally by Templeton & Sons Engineering in Albertown, Wanaka.

The Slammer is a true multi-purpose tool. If you are transplanting trees and shrubs, dividing large grasses, removing difficult invasive plants (likebamboo) or digging and breaking tough ground this is the tool for you. It's an inexpensive, manual option to using heavy machinery or herbicide. Checkout more details here.

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