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The Scott Forrest Legends Foundation tops $1000

The Scott Forrest Legends Foundation tops $1000

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scott Forrest's Legends Foundation is less than a month old and it has already generated $1000 in contributions. The Legends Foundation, established by current world champion tree climber Scott Forrest, is a sponsorship mechanism designed to provide financial support to kiwi tree climbers who qualify for international TCC events.

This month, Waikato-based WEL Networks, donated $200 towards the Foundation in recognition of the time Scott has given to the WEL Networks TCC team. The remaining $800 was generated through the sale of Donaghys Cougar Blue climbing line sold through Treetools.

A percentage on Donaghys new Armor Prus Polyester friction cord sold through Treetools will also go towards the fund. Armor Prus Polyester will go on sale early next week.

Legends Foundation administrator Neal Harding says "its hard to believe Legends is only a month old and we have reached the initial $1000 target already".

As part of its first payout The Legends Foundation will contribute towards accommodation costs for the kiwi tree climbers attending this years Asia-Pacific TCC in Hobart.

According to Scott Forrest, a number of high profile companies have expressed interest in becoming more involved with the Legends Foundation and this should help bolster funds in the long term.

International tree climbing groups are also looking to emulate the 'Legends' model in their own regions.

A Legends Foundation website in currently under construction. is designed promote past and future kiwi tree climbing 'legends' and also provide a suitable media vehicle to ensure foundation contributors are well recognized for their efforts.

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