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Teufelberger's scientific approach to chainsaw lanyard testing

Teufelberger's scientific approach to chainsaw lanyard testing

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Treetools critic once told me, in no uncertain terms, that our product tests where unscientific and quite laughable!

When you compare our NTCA Agathis chainsaw lanyard tests to the latest antiSHOCK chainsaw lanyard from Teufelberger you can see where he was coming from. Teufelberger launched the new antiSHOCK at Deutsche Baumpflegetage 2012 in Augsburg, Germany last week.

The Teufelberger antiSHOCK is the 2012 European version of the Buckingham 2'n1 concept, finessed somewhat.

The 'break-a-way' on the NTCA Agathis lanyard consists of three key rings unraveling under load. Simple and honest, as we say, but there is no second chance with this system.

That is, when your chainsaw gets stuck and the key rings release, the saw goes west, plummeting to the ground.

The Teufelberger antiSHOCK chainsaw lanyard is a little more sophisticated than our humble kiwi Agathis.

Like the Buckingham 2'n1, the antiSHOCK offers a second chance.

A moderate fall of the chainsaw means the saw will stay attached to the lanyard.

Teufelberger are very precise with their calculations.

If the chainsaw gets stuck in a falling piece of timber and more than 2.0 - 2.2 kN of force is applied, the shock absorbing strap will release producing only 1.5 - 1.8 kN at the harness attachment point.

Teufelberger's patented tear-away, absorbs the initial energy and the lanyard will break completely when it is extended beyond 70cm. Only then will the chainsaw drop to the ground.

Undeniably scientific and not very humorous at all. Bloody brilliant!

Teufelberger Lanyard

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