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Teufelberger selects Treetools

Teufelberger selects Treetools

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teufelberger, Austria has announced Treetools as an official New Zealand supplier of Teufelberger Treecare products. Teufelberger work in close co-operation with the Treemagineers, Mark Bridge, Chris Cowell and Bernd Strasser as well as DMM Wales.

The fully certified Teufelberger Treecare range includes the TreeMOTION and TreeJACK harnesses, the Hitch Climber System, Ocean Polyester, Tachyon, CE Climb and a complete range of Sirius Rope Tools.

Our first shipment of stock is still a few weeks away but in the meantime you can download the Teufelberger Treecare PDF here if you want to see the mix of products available.

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