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Teufelberger patented slaice

Teufelberger patented slaice

Richard Tregoweth - Sunday, December 06, 2009

Webbing friction savers with large rings, rope friction savers with small rings (the smaller rings mean easier retrieval), rope savers with pulleys and adjustable prussics and rope savers with pulleys and mechanical devices - tree climbers have plenty of choices when it comes to reducing (or managing  friction) in their climbing system.

Our newest rope friction saver is Teufelberger's CE rated (EN 795B) MultiSAVER. Unlike the webbing frictionsavers from Timbersaws the MultiSAVER is made from 12 mm Sirius Polyester rope and has smaller diameter, fully rated DMM aluminum rings - a large ringat one end, small at the other with a 8 mm RingLOOP prussic in the middle - making the MultiSAVER adjustable - similar to the DB Tree Rope Saver.

Another unique feature aiding retrieval is the patented Teufelberger 'slaice' - a tapered splice with stitching on the large ring end of the MultiSAVER.Traditional stitched eyes have a severe angle at the rope end which can get snagged - the slaice eliminates this problem.

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