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Taranaki climb will test tree climbers

Taranaki climb will test tree climbers

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 19, 2011

The Taranaki region has an allure all of its own! A climb of Mt Taranaki is part of the scheduled programme for the NZ Arbor 2012 Taranaki Open TCC planned for Waitangi Weekend in the new year.

Last year the Taranaki climb was abandoned due to bad weather (that's both over and under-the-weather).

This year, tree climbers have promised to behave and are planning a serious Taranaki attack to prove a point.

Recently, Open Masters guru(s) Matt Glen and Dom Eastwood (and others) volunteered to film the promo video for the 2012 Taranaki climb (we lie, it is not really a Taranaki Open promo video but it sounds good).

Have a look at their effort below and start your uphill training - climbing mountains is harder than climbing trees apparently!

The Taranaki Open TCC is organized by Neal Harding and womens world foot lock record holder Nicky Ward-Allen.

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