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TCIA to intro SRT Best Practice Guideline at the ISA Conference

TCIA to intro SRT Best Practice Guideline at the ISA Conference

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Single Rope Technique in tree climbing has to be the THE hot topic for 2012!

Following a passionate SRT outburst from Rich Hattier on TreeBuzz earlier in the year the ISA/ITCC public relations machine faulted a few times in their delivery of information, causing the associations' Technical Advisory Committee to take most of the flak in the social media.

Last week the ITCC published their Performance Criteria Review (written by the TAC) in the hope some of the heat in the SRT debate might be quelled (the jury is still out on the final result of that effort).

Parallel to the voluntary work undertaken by the TAC, another treecare organization, the TCIA, was also working on their interpretation of the SRT Best Practice Guideline. (Remember the fateful 'Has NZ Arbor dropped the ball' blog post back in May?).

One might have thought 'never the twain shall meet' when it comes to the TCIA and ISA but that is certainly not the case in this instance.

Thoughtplanter and ex-NZ Arbor President Mark Roberts, along with US-based Brian French, is scheduled to present 'Single Line Rescue Techniques; the importance of a working anchor' at the ISA Conference Climbers Corner on August 14 in Portland.

According to the latest FB post from Thoughplanters, Mark has offered a few minutes to the TCIA to present a 'sneak preview' of their soon-to-be-released SRT BPG.

Would be almost worth going to Portland for!

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