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TCC climbers and spectators: your input is required!

TCC climbers and spectators: your input is required!

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, November 15, 2010

Below is a note from Neal Harding. Please take the time to read through this and get back to Neal if you can find the time - all input is appreciated.

"We had hoped to have a climber's feed back session at some stage - but we ran out of time. So I'm wanting to invite some feed back from climbers and spectatorsat this year's event - mainly because the format was so different to previous years.

We can't guarantee that we will do what each climber may want - but we can guarantee that we'll listen. Just remember that everybody involved in runningthese things does them for the love of it - and in the hope that the climber's would love it too.

If you've got thoughts about how a specific event could have been done differently - just sit on that until you retire - and then use it when you're helpingwith the set up!"
  • What did you think of the two day format - from an organisational point of view it made things easier - but what about a climbing point of view? A spectator's point of view?
  • What did you think of the Grandstand finish - with everyone doing the speed events together - and all the spectators and climbers concentrating on one event?
  • What about the introducing of each footlocker - and how they'd been going in the last year?
  • What about the announcing of where a person was before the footlock - and if they had made the cut (provisionally) after it?
  • What about knowing if you were in with a chance after day one?
  • What did you think of the prize giving straight after?
  • What about the venue? One of the climbers I talked to said it would be great if there was a camp ground near by (so as to be like an impromptu arborcamp) - is that something you would like?
  • On the subject of venues - what do you think of holding the regionals outside of the main regional center every now and then?
  • How many of you fly, drive, hitchhike to a TCC? What about if it is at the other end of the island? Or the other end of the other island? Or not in a town with a main airport - or even an airport at all?
  • What did you think of the new selection process - with the number of qualifiers from the regions based on the numbers of local climbers at the regionals? What did you think about the wild card system?
  • What about those of you who were at your first TCC - did you enjoy it? Was it harder or easier than you expected? Has the experience put you off - or made you more keen on the sport?
  • What about if the entry fee for the regional was dropped down to a nominal fee for those who were full NZAA members in their own right - with a higher fee for those who are non-members, or who turn up on the day without pre registering?
  • What about if the same thing was done for the Nationals?
  • If you could pay your entry fee by credit card securely over the Internet - would you?
  • What about anything else you want to suggest?
You can contact Neal at:

Neal Harding, face-in-computer keeping the score at the NTCC

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