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Strong and versatile - DMM Impact Blocks with Taylor Hamel

Strong and versatile - DMM Impact Blocks with Taylor Hamel

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Below is the latest video by independent Treemagineers product appraiser, US-based Taylor Hamel.

The DMM Impact Blocks have caused quite a stir in the tree rigging market and you can see why in this video.

Taylor offers some interesting configurations particularly for the large Impact Block with its hollow spindle - most of Taylors' configurations will only work with this unique piece of equipment.

Part way through the video you will note the use of the DMM Rigging Hubs in the speedline set-up (more about them in a future blog).

It's worthwhile revisiting a previous Treetools blog which features a YouTube clip showing the incredible strength and durability of the DMM Impact Blocks - for gear freaks only!

The video tests were conducted by Treemagineers Mark Bridge and Chris Cowell. Hopefully, Mark and Chris will present some of their findings at the WEL Networks sponsored Treemagineers (sold out) workshop in Hamilton later in the year.

Thanks Taylor, another impressive piece of work!

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