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Stop squeaks with graphite (or replace your gear)

Stop squeaks with graphite (or replace your gear)

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, December 10, 2009

Often customers will call in with a pulley or carabiner that requires a bit of attention. Usually a few puffs of graphite powder brings brings the offending item back to life - but not always!

Graphite is essentially very finely ground 'pencil lead'. As well as climbing gear, graphite willalso give a new lease on life to secateurs and loppers and most other equipment with moving parts. Unlike oil there is very little residue (if you don'toverdo it with the puffer).

If you can't stop the squeals and squeaks with graphite it's probably time to retire that piece of equipment. Climbing gear does have a finite life, particularlyif you are climbing everyday. It certainly pays to look after your gear as best you can don't expect it to last forever!

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