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Stihl Advance Class 1 chainsaw trousers in stock

Stihl Advance Class 1 chainsaw trousers in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 14, 2010

The new generation Stihl Advance Class 1 chainsaw trousers we blogged about late May are now in stock. These new trousers are definitely 'light in weight' when compared to similar spec'ed trousers and are likely to be much cooler to wear under New Zealand conditions - the lighter weight is due to the Dyneema yard used in the cut-protection material and the fact these trousers only require 6 layers of protection (as opposed to 9 layers on many other trousers) to reach Class 1 specification (20 meters per second to stop).

The outer fabric is made by Schoeller (97% polymide, 3% Lycra) of Switzerland and offers 4-way stretch which returns to its original shape time after time - great for tree climbers or ground workers alike.

The Stihl Advance is only available in Design A style, so no cut-protection on the back of the lower leg - protection on the front of the legs only. These are genuine European Class 1 chainsaw protection trousers - see link below for more details.

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