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Sterling TriTech versus Silky Zubat

Sterling TriTech versus Silky Zubat

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Treetools has posted comments about Sterling TriTech in the past but we had never put the new rope to the steel - Silky steel.

Sterling do not claim TriTech to be 'cut-proof'. Their adverting is far more conservative with the claim that TriTech is a combination of abrasion resistant sheath over a 'cut-resistant' high strength jacket and pliable core.

But the human brain sometimes works in mysterious ways; many of our customers translate Sterling's 'cut-resistant' to a more definite 'cut-proof'. Obviously this is an assumption on their behalf because TriTech, like all ropes, is not cut-proof.

Following a few simple tests Treetools can now confirm Sterling's advertising bumph is correct: TriTech is indeed 'cut-resistant (to a degree).

As you can see in the video below TriTech will take a fair bit of punishment before it breaks. But if you slice your Silky across the lanyard while under load you can still say goodnight nurse. This situation is not unique to Sterling TriTech - all rope lanyards will behave the same way when exposed to a Silky blade.

The purpose of the video is not to knock Sterling TriTech (which behaves exactly as it is supposed to) but rather dispel the notion that a TriTech lanyard is 'cut-proof' - users prone to waving their Silky about while aloft could be making a very dangerous assumption.

Thanks to support from Drew Bristow, DB Tree.

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