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Sterling TriTech passes trial tests

Sterling TriTech passes trial tests

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, June 25, 2012

Master splicer and contract climber Drew Bristow was dubious when Treetools told him about Sterling TriTech, the rope substitute for wire core flip lines.

Treetools landed a hank of Sterling TriTech specifically for trialling before we committed to stocking the item.

Drew has used a 4m length of Sterling TriTech as a lanyard over the six weeks and by all accounts it gets the big tick. The TriTech flipline has proved particularly useful on large pines.

There are a couple of minor niggles.

TriTech is non-spliceable. Users will need knot according to their requirements (as Drew has done for the trial) or purchase factory-stitched lanyards with or without hardware attached.

The 11mm diameter of TriTech is too large to run smoothly through a Trango Cinch efficiently. If you are using the Cinch as a lanyard adjuster you will have to go to plan B.

Other than these gripes Sterling TriTach behaves as quoted in the corporate literature.

"Sterling engineered this technically advanced rope specifically to produce the ultimate in positioning lanyards".

"By combining the abrasion resistant sheath over a cut-resistant and high strength inner jacket and pliable core, we have created a lanyard that is strong, and rugged, yet still supple enough to move and position easily".

Treetools will have various options of the 11mm Sterling TriTech flipline in stock by mid-July, 2012.

Sterling TriTech work positioning lanyards

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