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U-create from Stein - for the inner artiste!

U-create from Stein - for the inner artiste!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Stein 'U-Create' gear loop system on the the new Vega work positioning harness allows the user to arrange the tool attachment points exactly to their requirements.

The Treemagineers introduced the concept of gear attachment customization with the popular Treemotion harness but Stein have taken the concept one step further with the Vega.

With the exception of the Treemotion, the tool attachment points on most work positioning harnesses are prescribed by the manufacturer and this is not always to everyone's satisfaction.

Have a look at the shape of the chainsaw attachment 'CB Anchor' on the Vega in the video below - it certainly looks different. Treetools has not seen the thing action so we will reserve our comments at this point.

Being able to customize the gear attachment points on your harness is certainly a major advantage and this feature should be well received by 'working' tree climbers.

Check out the video for more details on the customizable 'U-create' gear attachment system.

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