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Stein Super Plasma TC helmets prove to be popular

Stein Super Plasma TC helmets prove to be popular

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treetools landed the Stein-Kask Super Plasma TC (Treecare) helmets last week. Johno Smith, 2009 Auckland Regional TCC winner trialled one of the hi-viz options with a smoked visor at Matt Glen's Open Masters Challenge on Sunday in Cornwall Park and liked it so much he was the proud owner of one in black by Monday!

The Stein Super Plasma TC is made by Kask in Italy and is proving to be popular worldwide with arborists. Finally, it appears Petzl will be challenged in the tree climbing helmet stakes. The Stein helmet is certified to the same standards as the Petzl Vent - see previous helmet standards blog.

Stein also offer a Super Plasma Work helmet designed specifically for ground work. The Europeans tend to differentiate between tree climbers and groundworkers when supplying equipment. That makes sense, since tree climbing gear is of a higher specification to reflect the degree of risk involved. CurrentNew Zealand helmet safety standards make no such differentiation, opting for the base standard across the board (AS/NZS 1801:1997).

Johno Smith wearing a Stein Super Plasma TC with smoked visor

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