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Stein Explorer Class II chainsaw protection boots now in stock

Stein Explorer Class II chainsaw protection boots now in stock

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The long-awaited Stein Explorer, Class II chainsaw protection boots arrived today! Tree workers have been waiting for these boots because they offer better chainsaw protection than the standard steel toe-cap boot without the weight associated with the full-on, Class I.

The Stein Explorers have chainsaw protection over the exposed front of the foot, rated to stop the saw at 24 meters per second (54 mph). The chain speed for your saw is specified in the manual. The requirements for chainsaw protective footwear are contained in EN ISO 17249:2004. This is a relatively new standard.

The Explorer has a high-cut, offering good protection and support, well above the ankle. The specially shaped, Vibram sole was designedto accommodate climbing spurs. Some boots designed in this style compromise foot lock performance. Not so, with the Explorer. The relatively shallow in-stephas rubber runnels for extra grip on the rope.

The sole also has a steel shank running to the center of the boot. This makes standing in climbing spurs all day just that much more comfortable, by spreadingthe load across the sole rather than concentrating your body weight on your in-step. The mid-sole shank also makes the boot more comfortable for everydaywear (the full-shank on some Class I boots is great for spurs but a little hard to walk in - until you get used to them).

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