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Stein 'Bartlett' helmet finds favor with training providers

Stein 'Bartlett' helmet finds favor with training providers

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, June 03, 2011

When Bartlett Tree Experts, a major US arb company, wanted a helmet for ground workers and lower-level tree climbers they went to Stein for advice. Those discussions led to the development of a helmet that meets both EN 397 and ANSI Class E Electrical ratings yet is still competitively priced.

Treetools landed one of the 'Bartlett' helmets for New Zealand appraisal. There is demand from local arb companies for a similar style helmet which meets EN ratings for side impact and chin strap but without the expense of a full-on climbers helmet like the Stein Plasma or Petzl Vertex/Alveo helmets.

Training providers are also on the look-out for this type of helmet which sports a very small 'peak' at the front to ensure easy upward viewing. The helmetaccommodates industry standard Peltor or MSA Sordin clip-on ear muffs.

Student budgets are a limiting factor in arb helmet selection. The restricted budget encourages the use of inappropriate helmets for urban tree work (ega builders helmet without side impact protection) and this is an ongoing concern for the Department of Labour.

Rossy Ross from Pro Climb, one of New Zealand's leading climbing and rigging training providers, spotted the Bartlett helmet in the Treetools 'ClimbersLounge' on a recent visit and immediately saw its potential as a student helmet.

The Department of Labour specify a yellow helmet for Pro Climb trainees so Stein will make a special batch of 'Bartlett' helmets to satisfy local demand.The Bartlett Stein helmet should retail for about $65.00.

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