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Stef White, up-and-coming NZ woman tree climber

Stef White, up-and-coming NZ woman tree climber

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, February 18, 2011

Stef White is listed as one of the NZ women climbers invited to attend this years Asia-Pacific Regional TCC in Singapore. Blog reader, Prolop has asked 'who the hell is Stef White?'

Obviously Prolop has not attended any recent tree climbing events. If they had, they would know that Stef is one of our up-and-coming woman tree climbers.

Receivingan invite to an international event is no small feat and reflects the potential Stef shows in representing this country.

Go for it Stef - we're behind you all the way!

Waikato climber Stef White, pictured above competing at the Taranaki Open in Stratford earlier this month.

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