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Stay-up-to-date with Pro Climb

Stay-up-to-date with Pro Climb

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, September 17, 2012

The pace of change in the arb industry is taking many by surprise.

Some companies have chosen to bury their heads in the sand and loudly proclaim 'old school is for real arborists' while others are happy to ride the wave of innovation.

Most tree climbers are keen on the new developments but its middle and upper management within arb companies who are most bewildered by all the changes taking place in the industry.

Of course, the resistance to new techniques and equipment could be directly related to an unwillingness to spend money.

But, regardless of this, arb management is beginning to appreciate the gains in efficiency (read profit) offered by the use of these new configurations and equipment.

But where do you start? What direction should be taken?

Without up-to-date product knowledge and a grasp of these new techniques a company could end up wasting plenty of hard earned cash by investing in the wrong gear or configuration.

New Zealand's leading work-based training provider Pro Climb has recognized the dilemma faced by arb companies today.

Pro Climb are offering a unique, six-monthly 'stay-up-to-date' programme for the New Zealand industry.

The climbing, rigging and aerial rescue techniques (and equipment) presented in this programme will have all been tested and appraised by Pro Climb, over the previous six months.

Crap products or un-workable and unsafe climbing and rigging configurations will be weeded out.

The experience garnered from the everyday use of these new configurations and equipment should be considered invaluable to those who do not know where to start.

Now, managers and general foremen won't have to wade their way through all the marketing propaganda and product sheets or spend hours on forums, Facebook (or Treetools - more's the shame)!

The 'stay-up-to-date' programme is listed in the latest Pro Climb newsletter (which is well worth a read in itself) but you should contact Rossy Ross for more details if you're interested in saving money.

Rossy (Andreas) Ross tree consultant

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