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State of the NZ Labour Market Report offers some direction

State of the NZ Labour Market Report offers some direction

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Since we blogged about the shortage of arborists nationwide earlier in the month the BNZ have produced a report on the State of the Labour Market in NZ.

While it covers all aspects of the broader New Zealand labour market, arborists will benefit from reading this document. The author, chief BNZ Economist, Tony Alexander has a few pointers for all employers (including arb companies). 

• labour availability will tighten up quite quickly next year
• plans should be made for productivity-enhancing capital spending
• extra wage and non-labour costs will need to be budgeted for
• structures should be set up for recruitment of staff both locally and offshore
• branding should veer toward becoming a preferred employer

Have a look at the recent updates on the NZAA website and you'll see plenty of situations vacant - a hint of things to come perhaps?

Among other things, arb education will need to ratchet up a couple of notches if we as an industry want to compete for talent in the diminishing labour pool expected during 2012.

Private sector wages 'growth' as indicated in the BNZ report.

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