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Splicing workshop proposed by Jerry Lynch

Splicing workshop proposed by Jerry Lynch

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If you missed the comment from Jerry Lynch regarding a proposed splicing workshopin Dunedin later in the year - see the comment below.

This is an excellent idea of Jerry's! Apart from the cross-pollination of ideas (as alluded to in yesterdays blog ) it would show the rope manufacturers that the NZ arb industry is prepared to drive the standards and performance criteria of climbing ropes and friction cords rather than sit on the sidelines (and then complain when things don't go as planned).

It would be great to get representativesfrom Donahy's, Samson and Yale together in one place to cover off the manufacturers specification and requirements for the splicing of specific cords.Since Jerry posted this comment last week we have had plenty of discussion with customers in the store regarding splicing. We are certain there would bereal interest from the climbing community for a workshop of this nature.

Perhaps Jerry could get Scotty Sharpe over from Tasmania - he is world recognized for his splicing knowledge of Yale product. Treetools had the privilegeof attending a workshop presented by Scotty at the ISAAC Conference in May - if you ever get the chance to see him action - take it, it is well worth themoney spent!

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