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Splicing - harder than you think to get it right!

Splicing - harder than you think to get it right!

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The late, great arborist and tree climber Scotty Sharpe was a master splicer for Yale through Cannings in Melbourne. Before his untimely death last year, Scotty held workshops around Australia enlightening tree climbers about the art of rope splicing. Scott was to be the guest speaker at Jerry Lynch's Splicing Workshop in Dunedin last year.

The first time Treetools met Scott he told us he conducted splicing workshops so that climbers would NOT splice their own ropes - you read that right, Scott did not think you should splice your own rope - until you knew exactly what you were doing! The purpose of his workshops was to show climbers how hard it was to get it right.

Seems Scotty was not alone - see article by NZ nautical company   Chains, Rope and Anchors titled 'Splicing and why we are reluctant to show people how to do it" or "Splicing, tell me something technical about it".

Obviously very tongue in cheek, and with a strong nautical flavor but the message is spot on! Long live Scotty Sharpe.

Treetools sells climbing and rigging ropes spliced by i-Splice (Ivor Shannon) and DB Tree (Drew Bristow). Both Ivor and Drew's splices have been rigorously tested to ensure splice and rope integrity. Drew worked with Scott Sharpe on a number of projects.

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