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Southern Arbor Day plans posted by Mark Roberts

Southern Arbor Day plans posted by Mark Roberts

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, April 01, 2011

Queens Birthday weekend 2011 (June 4) will see Arbor day pruning in the Vanished World – grab your climbing gear and a saw and come along.

Following on from the success of the 2010 arbor freeze at the Mt Stuart reserve this year’s Arbor day pruning event in the South will be at the Uxbridge reserve – deep in the heart of the Vanished World [the Waitaki Valley, North Otago].

Back in 1936 the then Governor General of New Zealand (Sir Cecil Day) established the Uxbridge reserve and although plantings occurred no recognisable tree works has been undertaken since then – needless to say, the trees are in need of some TLC.
Uxbridge reserve now forms one of the newer fossils in the Vanished World  - the others date back some 170 million years to time when New Zealand was part of Gondwanaland.
Come down and camp at the reserve, do some pruning and visit the Vanished World  , it is well worth the visit with many fascinating fossils and rock formations.
For more information about the location and camping on site see the NZAA web site for more details. For information about pruning and equipment requirements email, Jerry Lynch at, David Glenn at or Mark Roberts at:
We hope to see you there!

Jerry's crib at the 2010 Mt Stuart 'Brass Monkey' Arborcamp.

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