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Southern 'Arbor Day' Arbor Camp update!

Southern 'Arbor Day' Arbor Camp update!

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, May 23, 2011

It's only a week or so until the 2011 Southern 'Arbor Day' Arbor Camp at the Uxbridge Reserve in the Waitaki Valley, North Otago (Queens Birthday Weekend, June 2-5, 2011).

Apparently the 'camping' facilities at Uxbridge Reserve are minimal - to say the least - or as Mark Roberts put "think nothing thoughts and you are thinking too much!".

The reserve is also very hard-to-find so if you're arriving Friday night it could be easy to drive right on past. Again, according to Mark Roberts "ifyou blink you'll miss it!" - the Uxbridge Reserve is on the left just past Smillies Road on SH83, if you make to Black Point Road you've gone too far.

Timaru offers the last bastion of civilization before you head into them thar hills so make sure you stock up before setting the GPS for the wild west!

Jerry has a couple of competitions organized for Arbor Camp and there are some good prizes up for grabs:

1) The Best Climbing Innovation for less than $100
2) The Best Redirect for less than $150

Don't forget to pack your warmo's!

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