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Smaller Pintos expected by the end of this month

Smaller Pintos expected by the end of this month

Richard Tregoweth - Wednesday, February 02, 2011

There is a lot of interest in the new DMM Pinto pulleys designed by the Treemagineers. The larger Pinto Rig has already arrived in stock at Treetools and will probably retail for a nudge over $100 (we'll endeavor to confirm pricing before the end of the week).

DMM have advised the smaller Pinto will be available for shipping mid-February so we should expect them in store by the end of the month. Treetools will also stock the spacers for both the Rig and the standard Pinto.

While you wait for them to arrive, have a look at the video below by Taylor Hamel in the USA. We suspect Taylor is first in a series of videos showing some very interesting configurations using these new "pulleys I need to own" (PINTO).

The DMM Revolver used in the video is the wiregate version (the barrel on the standard Locksafe Revolver is too large to get through the hole below the sheave on the Pinto).

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