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Six Auckland climbers in the Nationals

Six Auckland climbers in the Nationals

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, March 12, 2011

Comp veteran Drew Bristow led the points table in today's Auckland Regional TCC at Western Park in Freemans Bay. 28 men and 3 women entered the competition.

Auckland Regional TCC Co-ordinator Craig Webb announced six Auckland tree climbers to qualify for the Nationals later in the year. The climbers include:

Drew Bristow - 140.36 points
Dave Stejskal - 136.01 points
Johno Smith - 130.21 points
Shaun Hardman - 128.83 points
Zane Wedding - 127.16 points
Tony Bennett - 125.85 points

There are no Auckland woman climbers!

Matt Glen, currently working in Melborune, Australia technically came in third with 132.89 points but does not qualify to represent the region.

Treescape should be very pleased with their climbers: Dave, Shaun and Tony all work for Treescape Auckland, and Johno and Zane are currently contractingfor Treescape in Queensland - that's five climbers out of the top six!

Keith Barclay from Northpower took out the title of best rookie climber (there were five rookie climbers in all).

Event photographs on Flickr over the next few days. Keep an eye on the NZAA website for officialresults and Top 20  updates.

Comp winner Drew Bristow surveying the work climb earlier today.

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