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Single rope work positioning: the official ITCC statement

Single rope work positioning: the official ITCC statement

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, December 12, 2011

The term SRT (Single Rope Technique) is widely used in tree climbing. But the acronym has two different meanings relative to tree work and this often results in poor communication.

Treemagineer and ITCC Head Technician Mark Bridge penned an article for the October 2011 edition of Arborist News (the official ISA publication) in an effort to clarify things for us.

Technically speaking Treetools is probably breaching copyright by making this article available for download but we believe the information it contains is too important to be restricted to ISA members only.

So… have a read of it before the ISA legal beagles advise us to cease and desist.

Mark clearly explains the difference between single rope ascent and single rope work positioning and offers a broader view behind the reasoning for the initial ITCC Rules Committee SRT announcement.

In our opinion, single rope work positioning will be one of the hot topics for 2012 - watch this space!

" target="_blank" title="Mark Bridge on SRT">Mark Bridge on SRT

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