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Single line innovation ain't about to stop!

Single line innovation ain't about to stop!

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Treemagineers will be horrified! Their trusty DbRT Hitch Climber pulley has found its way into the latest SRT mechanical device out of the US of A! Apparently the Pulley Rack can be also used DbRT so we guess it gets the big tick of approval.

Our old mate Max Olesko from Austria reminded us about the Pulley Rack in recent correspondence.

Originally called the "Bulldog" the Pulley Rack is designed by Gordon Svedberg in the US - Treetools first posted about this invention back in September 2010.

Since that time there have been multiple variations of the Pulley Rack mostly using a VT above the chain link mechanism. Gordon's latest version does away with the knot and is now purely mechanical.

The Pulley Rack in its current form is not attachable mid-line but that is bound to come later.

You can see how it works in the video below - note the reference to our very own 'Drew' at about 2:14! Another world famous kiwi tree climber - Gordon doesn't even have to say Bristow and we know who he means!

Addendum: On second thoughts, the Treemagineers are probably not horrified at all with the use of the Hitch Climber in these latest developments. Its more likely they are celebrating the fact their own innovation remains an integral component in the continuing work positioning revolution!

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