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Singing Tree Rope Wrench launches new website

Singing Tree Rope Wrench launches new website

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Singing Tree Rope Wrench is possibly the least understood bits of kit currently available on the market! Only die-hard SRT (Single Rope Technique) proponents seem to have any idea as to its application and benefits.

The Rope Wrench concept is relatively simple: the 'Wrench' introduces additional friction to a single rope climbing system (when using a friction hitch), replicating what you might expect in a doubled-rope system.

Working the tree single line has some advantages over traditional doubled-rope systems. 1:1 ascent is one benefit, but climbing on a stationery line, as opposed to a moving line (as in DbRT), translates to easier rope management for some climbers which can offer significant advantages when navigating aloft.

The Rope Wrench is best suited to climbers who have a working knowledge of SRT. If you are not entirely familiar with the technique you should book a SRT training workshop with Pro Climb now.

In an effort to keep the Rope Wrench firmly on tree climbers radar screen, a new website has been launched to further promote the product.

The Rope Wrench website suggests there are only a few retailers selling the product but that is not entirely correct: Treetools has the Rope Wrench in stock and available instore (although, to be fair, it is not currently loaded on the Treetools website).

Singing Tree Rope Wrench

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