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Singing Tree Rope Wrench 'how to' video now on YouTube

Singing Tree Rope Wrench 'how to' video now on YouTube

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, May 28, 2011

Those not familiar with the Singing Tree Rope Wrench ask a very valid question: what's it for?

To recap, the Rope Wrench was designed by Kevin Bingham who developed the original F8 Revolver concept. Users of the F8 system had problems with ascent and these are largely resolved with the Rope Wrench.The 'Wrench' also simplifies the process of planning and working the tree using SRT.

Most climbers are comfortable with the friction generated in a DbRT system and find the transition to SRT a little difficult due to the relative lack of friction. The Rope Wrench replicates the friction found in a doubled system making transition to SRT that much easier.

According to ABR (formerly Anchor Bridge Ropeworks, the marketers of the Singing Tree Rope Wrench) "the feel of the hitch on the line is near identical to what a climber is used to experiencing (on DbRT)… the major difference is that with the Rope Wrench their hitch actually manages to run smoother than it normally would".

Have a look at the videos below and make up your own mind.

Thanks to Beaver Trees (Christchurch) climber, Adam Hartshorne for this lead

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