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Singing Tree Rope Wrench gone all metallica

Singing Tree Rope Wrench gone all metallica

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, May 06, 2011

If there was ever a 'product' bound to be copied it is the Singing Tree Rope Wrench.

Treetools first blogged about the Kevin Bingham's Rope Wrench back in December. Almost immediately we started seeing local variations at the Treetools store - back then the wrench was made from wood so it is easy to see why it was copied. There were a couple of similar Wrench-style 'products' floating around at the NTCA Pakaraka Tree Climbers Gathering earlier in the year.

The new metal version of the Rope Wrench should be available soon (we believe Drew Bristow already has one in his hot little hands). The simplicity of the engineering will bring out the kiwi No.8 wire mentality like a rush of blood to the head.

Next week local engineering shops are likely to see an upswing in work as tree climbers hurry to replicate what Kevin has put a lot of effort into. And at US$125 (roughly NZ$200.00 landed) they might even pull off some savings.

And… even before the Wrench is officially available on the world market, tree climbing innovators are planning to build a mid-line attachment option which they believe will be even better than the original.

There appears to be no-stopping the tree climbing innovation juggernaut! We'll post more on the Singing Tree Rope Wrench as  information becomes available.

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