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Silky Todoku now available from Treetools

Silky Todoku now available from Treetools

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, May 01, 2010

The long awaited oval-shaped fibreglass Silky Todoku pole saw is finally available. Treetools blogged about the Silky Todoku back in September '09 thinking the saw would soon be available for general sale. The idea was cemented home when the NZ Silky Distributor gave away the only Todoku in the country as a spot prize at the NZ Arb Conference in Blenhiem. Turns out we would have a long wait!

Silky did have a fibreglass pole saw available in the past but the Todoku is the first of a new breed - much more robust than the earlier models. You just need to look at the new model and you know this saw is built for the rigors of everyday work.

The Silky Todoku comes complete in a bag: three oval-shapedfibreglass poles (one base and two extensions) with a tried-and-tested Hayauchi saw head. The base pole has a riubber handle wrapped two-thirds of theway along the pole.

The Silky literature that comes with the Todoku makes every effort to remind the user this is not a hot stick! The Todoku is constructed of hollow fiberglasspoles which allow moisture to accumulate and they will not pass the standard 100kva test for safe-sticks and the fully rated utility hot-sticks.

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