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Silky Pocketboy very popular

Silky Pocketboy very popular

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, August 31, 2009

The Silky Pocketboy is Treetools most popular folding saw! We sell similar size saws from Felco, ARS, Corona and Bahco but they don't come close to the Pocketboy in terms of numbers sold. The two Pocketboy sizes (130 mm and 170 mm) and blade combination (medium, fine and extra fine) make it a hard act to follow.

The 340 medium tooth will work well in most cutting situations, rose pruners prefer the fine tooth (342) for hard wood and hunters choose the extra fine tooth 344 as bone saw. The 344 is also and excellent saw for cabinet makers and hobbyists.

All models have replaceable blades and the handles in each size are inter-changeable. eg some hunters like the black handle of the 340 and buy a replacement fine tooth blade (345) for their pack - one for firewood, one for bone - with a black handle.

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