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Shortage of arborists nationwide

Shortage of arborists nationwide

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tree work companies across the country cannot fill job vacancies for quality arborists.

Greenscene in Hastings and Northland Treeworks in Kerikeri are a couple of examples where companies have run situations vacant advertisements over the last few months but to no avail! They cannot fill positions.

A big city dweller could argue these are provincial centers so you would expect possible difficulties in attracting staff, but the major metropolitan arb companies are experiencing the same dilemma.

Where have all the arborists gone? Or is the industry not attracting and training enough new recruits to fill positions?

Many arb companies are reconsidering their plans for permanent positions and are accepting staff for relatively short periods just to get through the work. Most companies plan to advertise overseas for staff to fill vacancies.

Local contract climbers are filling a small gap in the market but there still appears to be plenty of work for overseas arborists wishing to spend some time in New Zealand.

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