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Scott (the legend) Forrest woos the locals in Singapore

Scott (the legend) Forrest woos the locals in Singapore

Richard Tregoweth - Thursday, June 16, 2011

Below is photographic evidence of Scott Forrest mixing it up with the locals in Singapore! To be more precise the picture was taken in the remote rainforstsof the Johor Pennisula, north-west of Singapore.

Here's what Australian No.1 climber, Joe Harris has to say: "we visited some remote rainforests on the Johor peninsula. Kiah (Martin), Jeremie (Thomas)and I were with Jimmy Kilpatrick, Matt Weatherhead and Scott (the legend) Forrest.

The local tribe took one look at Scott, and immediately began to worship him as the tree climbing god that we know him to be. I think he enjoyed the attention".

Don't let all this go to your head Scott!

You can see the adoring expression on the face of local fan in the background! Scott Forrest really is a legend!

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