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Scott Forrest leads 2010 NTCC after first day

Scott Forrest leads 2010 NTCC after first day

Richard Tregoweth - Friday, November 12, 2010

2009 NTCC winner and current number two in the NZAA Top 20, Scott Forrest is in the lead with 124 points following the first day of the climbing in the national competition at Ellerslie, Auckland.

Scott is followed by Ross Kite on 118.68 points and Matt Glen (AKA Superman) with 110.05 points.

Treescape climber Jawand Ngau Chun is also in the hunt with 105.53 closely followed by Johno Smith with 103.66.

Johno ended the day on crutches following a short stint in Auckland hospital. Apparently a spider had attacked him earlier in the week resulting in aseriously swollen leg. Following an excellent SRT aerial rescue using the Unicender, his leg was so swollen Johno decided some attention was required anddrove himself to hospital where he was promptly drip feed anti-biotics (Johno has only recently recovered from malaria).

There is another day of climbing tomorrow including the speed climb and foot lock for all competitors followed by the Masters event. Make time availableSaturday to get along to the Ellerslie Racecourse - you'll see some of the best tree climbing action in the world (right on your doorstep).

Competition leader Scott Forrest after completing the work climb.

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