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Scott Forrest and Chrissy Spence take out 2010 NZ NTCC

Scott Forrest and Chrissy Spence take out 2010 NZ NTCC

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scott Forrest led after the first day of competition and completed the prelims today with 159.89 points. He was very closely followed by Ross Kite with 158.45 points. Matt Glen placed third with 146.23 points. Matt is English so he does not qualify as a kiwi in the ITCC (maybe next time Matt - we already think of you as a kiwi).

Scott and Ross gained a position in the Men's Masters along with Treescape Auckland climbers Jawand Ngau Chun and Tumai (rookie-of-the-year) Laybourn.

The Woman's Masters were Chrissy Spence and Nicky Ward-Allen both world class tree climbing athletes, representing New Zealand earlier this year at the TCC Worlds in Chicago (as well as previous ITCC events). Nicky Ward-Allen is the current woman's world foot lock record holder.

Chrissy won the woman's event after a very dramatic 'limb walk' and a generally fantastic climb.

The men's event was very hard to pick. Ross's climb was superb but he may have lost points on a missed jump which left him swinging precariously for a moment.

Scott climbed as Scott always seems to do - with a grace and style which seems effortless. A small branch break early in the piece left him completely unfazed - a true professional. Scott completed the climb wearing the helmet of the late Matt Dallas as a tribute to one of Auckland's great tree climbers who passed away in June this year.

Jawand had obviously planned his approach meticulously. His throwline position was right on the money but unfortunately he timed out before all the stations were completed. An excellent climb nevertheless.

Tumai Laybourn should be congratulated on his effort. 2010 has been an amazing year for Tumai. He placed in the Auckland Regional TCC climbing on a Blakes hitch and has improved on his performance throughout the year at various Regional events (still on a Blakes). This was the first National Masters event for Tumai yet he climbed like an old hand - well done Tumai.

The 'unofficial' results from today are as follows:

Mens Masters
1) Scott Forrest 223.33 points
2) Ross Kite 203.00 points
3) Tumai Laybourn 186.67 points
4) Jawand Ngau Chun 140.00 points

Woman's Masters
Chrissy Spence 101.67 points
Nicky Ward-Allen 43.00 points

For the official 2010 NTCC results you will need to visit to the NZAA website where they should be available over the next few days.

Scott Forrest pictured with second place getter Ross Kite and National TCC Coordinator Marlies Laser at the prize giving. More pictures from the 2010 NZ NTCC to follow soon.

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