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SRT speed climb planned for next Open Masters Challenge

SRT speed climb planned for next Open Masters Challenge

Richard Tregoweth - Saturday, May 08, 2010

If you are interested in SRT (Single Rope Technique) get along to the next Open Masters in Cornwall Park scheduled for Saturday May 22. The May event will include a SRT speed climb over a 20 meter distance. The footlock TCC event is usually conducted over a 15 meter height but the SRT brigade think that's too easy!

The DB Tree Rope Walker system is very fast and efficient but there are plenty of other SRT options and techniques capable of winningon the day. Tony Bennett has a hands-free system designed by Tasmanian arborist Scott Sharpe which is also very fast once you are on the rope.

The Open Masters Challenge Series offers an excellent opportunity for climbers to view various systems up close and to spend time with fellow climbersin discussing various techniques and gear configurations.

The tree for the SRT Speed Climb is yet to be confirmed. The winner of the SRT speed climb will receive a DB Tree Crackajack SRT rope access bag complimentsof Treetools. Make sure you are free on Saturday 22 May.

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