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SRT ascent lessons with Joe Harris

SRT ascent lessons with Joe Harris

Richard Tregoweth - Monday, October 10, 2011

SRT ascent is now considered one of the everyday 'tools' used by tree climbers. Most SRT systems are cobbled together by the climber, using various bits of ascending hardware they have gathered up over time.

Due to this fact, and the evolving nature of SRT ascent, only a few companies have gone to the bother of producing a 'packaged' SRT system.

Stein in the UK have been working on their SRT system for over a year using custom built hardware developed in conjunction with ISC.

Australian-based ATRAES already have their Microfrog system on the market utilizing existing hardware supplied by various climbing brandnames (the ATRAES Mircofrog was first prize in the Open Category of the 2011 Treephoto competition).

In the video above, Australian champion climber Into Trees Joe Harris shows how effortless ascent can be up a stationery line with such a

The ARTAES MicroFrog includes the lightweight Kong Futura hand ascender, a Petzl Croll chest ascender and a Petzl Pantin foot ascender. The Futura and the Croll are connected together via a hand-spliced Vectrus support link which includes an integrated, adjustable foot loop.The ATRAES system is a variation of the DB Tree Rope Walker demonstrated by Drew Bristow on YouTube back in April 2010.

Here's more on SRT with Sherbrooke Trees Graham McMahon as presented at the 2011 ISA Conference in Parramata.

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