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SRT: DB Tree Rope Walker Kit

SRT: DB Tree Rope Walker Kit

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SRT ascent is gaining popularity with tree climbers as an efficient way to enter a tree. There a plenty of variations but the Petzl-based 'tree frog' system is probably the most common configuration used by tree climbers. However, the 'tree frog' does have more than one-or-two limitations.

For a start, the 'tree frog' is fiddly to set-up pre-climb and awkward to remove once you are in the tree. The problem centers around the attachment of the Petzl Croll. The Petzl Secur combined with a Petzl Sequoia SRT harness offers one solution (but not much good if you own a TreeMOTION) .

Another issue with the 'tree frog' is the requirement for multiple, individual pieces of equipment: hand ascender, Croll, Secur, Footpro, Pantin etc, 

DB Tree have been working on a solution to these problems and have developed an integrated (almost) one-piece kit to simplify set-up and removal. The DB Tree Rope Walker Kit is built around the Kong Futura hand ascender, the Petzl Pantin and Petzl Croll with additional custom-made rope tools to create a complete system.

Note the way the Croll is attached to a TreeMOTION bridge and does not require the use of a chest harness. The chin strap bungee keeps the Croll in-line and under tension on the bridge. The kit easily fits into the small tool bag which can be kept on your harness or lowered to your groundie if not required further in the tree.

The video below shows Drew Bristow using the DB Tree Rope Walker kit on a pre-set Teufelberger's Patron 11 Tree Access line. The climb is about 15 meters. Drew is also using one of the new DB Tree Crackajack rope bags.

Remember, there is much more to SRT than meets the eye. This video is not designed to be instructional - if you want to know more about SRT systems you should contact Drew Bristow at DB Tree or Andy Neverman at thoughtplanters.

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