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Rope Wrench popularity gathers momentum

Rope Wrench popularity gathers momentum

Richard Tregoweth - Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kevin Bingham's Singing Tree Rope Wrench tends to polarize opinion - you either love it or hate it (or are ambivalent towards the subject of SRT altogether).

The interesting thing is, tree climbers who thought they hated the Rope Wrench are rapidly changing their minds! (read Reg Coates comment(s) on this ArbTalk thread to see what what we mean).

The first issue of ArbClimber also has an excellent article on the Rope Wrench written by Kevin Bingham himself - get hold of a copy if you can - it's well worth a read (Treetools should have hard copies of the magazine available later in the month).

Many of the early ZK1 Rope Wrenches seen in this part of the world were 'freebies' supplied by Rich Hattier from ISC USA. And Rich did a fantastic job in promoting the Wrench at the ISA Trade Show in Parramata.

Treetools has spoken with a number of climbers currently using the Rope Wrench and all say they never imagined they would end up promoting the product or for that matter, SRT climbing - but that is exactly what has happened.

Drew Bristow from DB Tree Splicing has been trialling the Rope Wrench over the last month (and is one of the new converts - see ArbTalk).

Treetools hopes to post more information about the pros and cons of SRT and the Rope Wrench over the next few weeks - in the meantime check out the latest Singing Tree Rope Wrench video below.

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